Job Satisfaction Update – More Than Just An Idea

Who among us does not want a satisfactory job? But most of us think that we have to compromise along the way for one reason or another. The most common obstacle stems from financial and emotional pressure to

accept the first half-decent job that comes up. Other barriers include: the realization that finding a new career is not an easy task; being too busy earning to spend time searching, etc. But the rewards for good work are immense – too great to be overlooked. You have to be very selective in your job search. Job satisfaction is more than just an idea; it’s achievable!

You don’t have to compromise

When career counselors work with people to assess desired career directions, counselors should always aim for the highest possible position, consistent with the person’s abilities and career aspirations. Who would like something less? As shown below, you don’t have to compromise.

Benefits at work

When you get a good job, a lot of good things start to happen:

  • First, you work well and tend to do the job better
  • The career is more interesting and stimulating
  • He uses your abilities
  • The atmosphere is more stimulating
  • You gain recognition and the job stature increases
  • You may be more likely to be the one you asked to travel to
  • New job opportunities are more likely to arise
  • We give you more responsibility
  • Leadership growth can be a natural result
  • Your salary is more likely to be better
  • Your self-confidence increases
  • Settle in for an ideal job

The above “benefits” give obvious reasons for pursuing the ideal job, but, many people, being shaken up during the storm of their previous career searches (before resorting to using the help of a coaching firm career), are very willing to compromise. It’s not necessary. Here’s why.

Find an ideal career

While most people know what they want to do, some don’t. If you don’t know what you want to do, the process, while offering a few more challenges, is still the same – selecting and targeting an ideal job. Although no situation is the same as yours, we can illustrate some examples of CCI. Mark M., a mathematician, after a university career in the United States, knew he wanted a change – but not what. Aligning his skills and desires with his trainer, he is now employed by a large high-tech company in Waterloo as a junior patent agent in a job that “is extremely invigorating; I have never felt so alive in a job of my life! ” Mike D, a doctorate. in particle physics knew that he would have trouble finding work in the city of his choice because he was without a particle accelerator. Drawing on his skills, experience, and abilities, he is currently thriving in Ottawa in a new environmental endeavor as a lead researcher. Dave D., a former senior bureaucrat with degrees in agriculture, now employed as the chief operating officer of a municipality in Manitoba, said, “I want to thank your team for your wise, sensitive and practical advice.” A reasonable goal is beyond anyone’s reach.


Finding an ideal job is not an easy task; but it is possible and, in our opinion, likely – as long as you start in the right direction by having a professional in your area. An ideal job elevates your self-esteem and allows you to become a better and more pleasant person, which is often reflected throughout your life, including your home.

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