Top Tips on How to Migrate to Canada From Dubai

Many Dubai residents see Canada as an attractive place to live because Canada has a reasonably acceptable culture and a good standard of living. However, the person who wants to migrate from Dubai to Canada must, first of all, understand that Canada is entirely different from Dubai in many ways. You must be prepared for the culture shock and the adjustment period. You must also be prepared to meet visa requirements to immigrate to Canada to study, work or live.

How Dubai and Canada are similar:

  • Schools are similar in many ways. There are private and public English schools in Canada.
  • Both countries enjoy good movies and entertainment.
  • Western clothing is fashionable in both countries.
  • Canada and Dubai have a large foreign population.
  • Modern transportation can be found easily in Canada and Dubai

How Dubai and Canada differ:

  • Dubai has a form of authoritarian rule. Canada, on the other hand, is a democracy.
  • Dubai is hot and dry, while Canada has four seasons. Canadian winter is freezing.
  • The social situation in Dubai is much more important than Canada.
  • Dubai is a tourist attraction facing severe economic problems.

Although Dubai is relatively modern in several ways, the country still faces inequality. Therefore, it is not surprising that people who face discrimination in Dubai because of their social status seek to settle elsewhere where such discrimination is not a problem. There are many options available for those who want to move from Dubai to Canada.

Here are some visa options available for Dubai residents.

A study:

Many people come to Canada to study. To do this, the person must apply for a study and temporary residence permit. The applicant must submit an acceptance letter from a school, college or university in Canada to obtain this visa. A medical examination and a police certificate may also be required, while evidence of support and bank statements from the past four months is also required.

Temporary work:

To obtain this type of visa, a job offer from a company in Canada is required. The issued visa is known as a temporary work permit. You must commit to leaving Canada when the temporary work permit expires. He also had to prove that he had money in the bank. A medical and police certificate is required, as well as a language test.

Self-employed visa:

A person needs at least two years of independent work experience in farm management or cultural or sports activities to qualify for this visa. In short, it must be demonstrated that it can make a positive difference in Canada’s cultural diversity. A bank statement must be submitted to prove the means of support.

Business people:

The entrepreneur must prove a net worth of at least 300,000 Canadian dollars and plan to invest up to 800,000 Canadian dollars in Canada.

Canadian Experience Category:

A person whose temporary visa expires can apply for a Canadian Experience Degree visa. To successfully obtain this visa, you must prove that you know the country, its culture and lifestyle.

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